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Did you know that 70% of workers think their employer should do more to proactively prevent health issues?

Employee health and wellbeing is a big issue for businesses today.
One that’s not solved by fruit baskets or wellbeing programmes that only a minority of your staff sign up for.

Simply put, your workplace environment could be making your employees unproductive at best and sick at worst, and driving your absentee costs up.

Can you afford not to act?

The solution is simpler than you might think. Our research reveals how incremental changes that lead to a more active workplace can have a positive long-term impact on employees’ health, happiness and productivity.

The solution lies in the Sit-Stand Movement.

In this new Fellowes Research Paper discover:

• How today’s workplace could be making your workforce ill

• The flaws of traditional approaches to workplace wellbeing

• Why adding movement in the workplace matters

• The changing expectations of your employees

• How your business can benefit from an active workplace

Download the research paper today and join the Sit-Stand Movement.

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